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OEM/SMB Alliance




Shared Equities, Shared Benefits and Shared Profits Center:

Turnkey multi-user, multi-tasking, multi-interactive, multi-integrated and

multi-programmable small business with integrated sales force solution for sales

dealmakers with a custom key/url, unlimited software site license, sales contract, sales

infrastructure and Net 75% [ROI] return on investment with a certificate of authenticity.







Negoish:UNIT Server 1.0

[PaaS] Platform eBusiness Application: User-Web-Mobile Software and Services.


We provide a turnkey webcentric small business with software and services toolbox

plus a <50> page administrative manual. You have multiple design and database

capabilities to implement your search engine placement, specialized applications

content and complete sales force solution platform for direct sales of sales force

solutions, sales force subscriptions and sales force search with lead generation for

new/existing Businesses. You can increase sales revenue by 50% while at the same

time reduce sales overhead by 50%.






Negoish:UNIT Ware 1.0

[PaaS] Business Exchanges: User-Web-Centric Software and Services


We provide webcentric exchangeware for multi-interactive and multi-integrated

Business exchanges, transactions and commissions with sales partners, sales

alliances, sales affiliates and sales contractors utilizing the latest sales related

products, databases, content, resources, leads and services.






Negoish:UNIT Desk 1.0

[PaaS] Business Documents: User-Web-Centric Software and Services


We provide <100> turnkey sales related software templates plus a <100> page text

manual with multiple database files for matching buyers and sellers. We provide

word processing forms for marketing and presentations, financial spreadsheet

templates and reports for calculations. Communications formats for networking.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks while you are marketing, selling and

negotiating sales related services for huge profits.






Negoish:UNIT Board 1.0

[PaaS] Business Leads: User-Web-Centric Software and Services


We provide realtime sales lead generation templates with databases for matching

buyers and sellers.





Negoish:UNIT v1.0

[Contract Terms]



Turnkey Business Solution:

1 = [PaaS] Client Site License

2 = [PaaS] [10] Year Contract

3 = [PaaS] Net 75% [ROI]

4 = [Platform] and [Mobile] Services


Guarantee, Installation, Support, and Training:

Dial-Up Installation - software and services folders, files, and links.

Dial-Up Support - three hours of program support.

Dial-Up Training - specialized add-on training sessions.





Negoish:UNIT Biz v1.0

SMB Alliance Contract

Equity Improvement Plan


Net 75% [ROI]

Complete: $5000.00

- All Included -



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